We Aim to Treat Patients like People

\"WeAt Colorado Primary Healthcare we treat patients like people by keeping their individuality in mind. Helping patients to feel seen and heard is a top priority and paves the way for more effective personalized treatment plans.  Continue reading below for more information from our very own Dr. Fine on achieving personalized patient care.  

I want to talk today a little bit about my experience with my own family going through the medical system… How important it is to have some medical knowledge going in and having people that are trying to do the best thing for you, when that often times does not happen. 

My son is five now and he’s had some very minor things we\’ve had to go to doctors for, same with my wife.  What I realized being patients in the system is that it’s hard trying to navigate the system and get an actual person who cares on the other side, who will actually look at you like an individual.  It\’s really heartbreaking to see how many people are just going through the motions and putting on this mask trying to just push through their day, and individuals begin to just feel like a \”number\”. 

I don\’t want to ever have people feel like that in our office.  I understand some people sometimes do, because we’re rushed and we’re a part of the unfortunately complicated system too.  I wish I knew of a better way to do things, and I think about it all the time.  So if you ever feel like you didn\’t get a question answered, you didn\’t get enough time to talk about what was important to you, or you don\’t feel like we know you well enough, we encourage you to address it at your appointment.  Say “hey, I know you\’re busy and you have to get to the next person but there\’s something more I want to talk about” and together we\’ll figure out how to approach it. 

Whether we need to do another visit, we need to take a few extra minutes, whatever.  After going through the system and seeing how impersonal and distant it is, I don\’t want people to feel that way about the care we provide.  

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