Telemedicine Appointments Available with CPHC Physician

\"\"Colorado Primary Health Care is now offering telemedicine! Telemed allows the patient to talk to their primary care provider via telephone or through online video chat. We are excited to introduce this new program that will allow our patients to save time and money! With Telemed, there are appointments available every day and we guarantee that we will fit you into the schedule.

Today is the day you can start using telemedicine with Colorado Primary Health Care! If you have any questions about this please contact us at 303-703-8583.

Telemedicine is a great way to seek treatment if there is bad weather or if you are not able to get to your appointment because of traffic. It is also a great way to stay in touch with your primary care provider and not have to go down the street to the closest urgent care. We are trying to get everyone to understand that there is a huge advantage to having your primary care physician diagnose and treat all of your problems. Whether they are acute or chronic problems, going to the urgent care often can get you a quick antibiotic and get a bandaid treatment, but they don’t get to the bottom of the underlying problem. That is the advantage that primary care has compared to urgent care. 

Established patients are able to use this service for many situations including acute sick visits and other problems. This can be done via your phone from the comfort of your own home… even in your pajamas! (We are also accepting new patients to our office to be able to create a doctor-patient relationship, which is required to begin using our telemed service). With our new telemedicine service, the number of times you have to visit urgent care or come into our office will be reduced. We encourage our patients to have your primary care physician do all of your medical care, whether it’s your sick visits or your preventive appointments to ensure you\’re doing your best to stay healthy. It is essential and important to help you not only manage your own prevention but cut the cost of your total care. 

It is much cheaper to come to primary care, even by telemedicine, than it is to go to the urgent care or the ER and is also much better care. This is proven over and over in studies if you have a primary care provider and you use them regularly. You will not only get better health care quality but will also give you a cheaper cost overall, so you win either way. The primary care office has access to all your records so they know you and your medical history. Having all this information about you allows us to look at prior labs, radiology studies, notes from other specialists, and notes in our chart from previous emergency or hospital visits.

When you have an acute problem, we can not only address that problem but also any other outstanding issues. These are important facts to consider because it has gotten to the point where people think that they just need urgent care for all their medical needs. That is not a good way to navigate one’s health because then you never get screened for anything and you don’t prevent anything from happening. Nor do you get at the underlying cause of why you’re having these symptoms in the first place. Just because you think you have a sinus infection or urinary tract infection, going to the urgent care and getting some antibiotics doesn’t mean that the underlying problem is known… or solved. 

That’s where the benefit of using primary care comes in and that’s why we have created this great opportunity for our patients. Since we are now offering telemedicine visits to make it more convenient for you, we can check on your issues via phone, making it possible to have fewer office visits. In many circumstances, it is projected up to ⅓ of all office visits can be done via telemedicine. This saves everybody a lot of time and we want people to understand that we are accessible within a couple of hours for a telemedicine consult. This will prevent you from having to go to the ER or to urgent care. We do have open appointments every day and we\’ll fit you in the schedule that day, guaranteed.

To be able to use this service, you will have to check-in using the state medical board recommendation. You also have to establish a doctor-patient relationship before you can start using telemedicine. This will allow the physician to learn about your medical history to be able to better treat you, saving you time and money in the future.

Established patients — CLICK HERE to learn more about our virtual visits and to log in to your personal portal.

New patients — CLICK HERE to schedule an in-office appointment today in preparation for your future telemed appointments!

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