Should Face-to-Face Class Resume During the Pandemic?

\"ChildrenShould face-to-face class resume during the pandemic? This question has been in the minds of parents as Covid-19 is proving to be less lethal for young people and especially for children. Returning to face-to-face classes is advisable while continuing to follow CDC guidelines for social distancing. Continue reading below for more information regarding school attendance from Dr. Fine.

As far as the schooling situation goes, kids under 10 are not as likely to get severely ill from Covid so they should be in school by medical criteria. The benefits of being in school and socializing vastly outweigh the risks of an infection. For kids that are teenagers from 10-18, or college age students, they need to proceed with caution. It would be great for students and their teachers to get vaccinated for the best protection possible.

There are really rare cases, a very small % of people, that are under 21 and get severely ill or die from Covid. In the medical community the CDC does recommend that all schools start back up again and that the benefits outweigh the risks because of the social isolation, lack of academic progress, mental health decline like depression, anxiety, and stress that goes along with being alone, at home, or being stuck with your family. Let alone all the pressure it puts on the parents to find child care, take time away from work, or be unemployed because they’re homeschooling their kids.

If your school district is following the CDC guidelines they are preparing to start k-college in-person schooling as soon as possible. If you have the opportunity at the college level to be online, it is definitely recommended to choose online classes rather than large in-person classes. It\’s a different story in college vs high school. High schoolers are not getting infected as much as college students. Part of that is due to high schoolers having a little more control over maintaining distance from each other, and aren’t likely to have large parties or gatherings where there are many people sharing air in confined spaces.



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