Maintaining Mental Health During the Covid-19 Pandemic

\"MaintainingMaintaining mental health during the pandemic has been difficult for individuals across the globe.  Some safe at-home methods like physical activity and diet modifications may help.  Continue reading below for more information from Dr. Fine about what you can do to maintain your mental health.

The mental health of individuals across the globe is hugely suffering.  This is the one of the worst mental and physical health crisis by far.  To combat the effects of the pandemic it’s really important for you to get outside, preferably for at least 15 minutes everyday, even if it’s just to take a walk around the neighborhood.  This is a safer alternative for exercising out of your home as you can more easily social distance outside.

Doing something aerobic and getting your heart rate up to where you\’re breathing hard is hugely essential for your mental health during isolation periods.  Try doing workouts at home to avoid contracting infections at the gym.  Take advantage of simple exercises like going up and down stairs if you\’ve got them at home.  For better balance and strength hold your arms out in front of you against a wall and slowly do squats.  Try to keep your butt down as much as possible and your hips towards the ground.  You should notice if you do a few of those that your heart rate will be pounding through your chest and you\’re breathing hard, that\’s an aerobic exercise you can repeat that throughout the day.  Push-ups are also beneficial if you don’t have access to workout equipment at home. You can start doing pushups on your knees if you\’re not strong enough to do a complete full body push-up.  Doing those things frequently throughout the day will help slowly build yourself up for increased strength and endurance.

Eating healthily can improve mental health and promote optimal immunity from the consumption of more vitamins and minerals.  Try adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet.  You also need adequate protein everyday which is typically a full fist sized portion. Some sources of protein are lentils, nuts, chicken, fish, lean beef, turkey, and if you are vegetarian, try soy products.

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