Dr. Andy Fine — Upper Respiratory Congestion

Upper Respiratory Congestion, Cough, and Other Symptoms

Often times once kids start going back to school, the more frequent times people are going to get nasal congestion or coughs. If it goes more than a week with fever or thick secretion mucus from your nose to your chest, it might be a bacterial infection that needs antibiotics and should be evaluated by a doctor. You should see a physician if any of these symptoms occur. If you are out of breath or wheezing you should see a physical earlier.

If you are tired from your upper Respiratory congestion symptoms you should listen to your body and let your natural intentions heal you. If you are light headed and short of breath with uncontrollable coughing, you should go see a doctor.

Top Reasons You May Have Trouble Concentrating

Lots of people have attention challenges, but it does not mean you have the diagnosis of ADD. There are other things that can cause difficulty with concentration like Thyroid problems, depression and anxiety; it does not mean you need Adderall or Readlyn. If you have consistent problems attending to retaining reading and comprehension, studying or trouble concentrating at work, you may want to consider getting formally evaluated and tested by a Physician.

All people respond positively to Adderall or Readlyn, but this does not mean you are diagnosed with ADD, you could just be responding to the stimulant. You need to get it evaluated by true physicians and formal testing with a questionnaire that states you have Attention Deficit Disorder. The patient must go through a written process, which can be a 4-hour test.

Generic Medicine vs. Name Brand Prescriptions: What You Need To Know

People are concerned that generic drugs are not as good as the regular drugs. A generic drug goes through an approval process and is equivalent to trade name drugs. Any drugs you see on TV are not generic and they are advertising it, because they are trying to persuade you to spend more on the same thing as what you can get with the generic drug. There are very few cases where there is not a generic substitute. The range in price of trade name drugs can be 10-20 times the price of generic drugs depended on your copay and insurance. The moral is generic drugs are equivalent effectiveness to non-generic drugs, and just because you see it on TV does not mean you should get it. Generic drugs are substantially less expensive and should be prescribe as first option for all cases. Patients should ask if the generic is available.

Antibiotic Resistance and How You Can Avoid It

A patient should approach antibiotics by keeping in mind that not everything is treatable with antibiotics, and it takes time. It’s hard to know unless someone examines you with the right equipment. How do you know if a cold is a cold and will go away on their own? If people have high fever, thick drainage, cough and wheeze they are more likely to need antibiotics. Antibiotics resistance is such a big problem and is caused because people are asking for them for every cold they walk in on. The expectation that the patients should have so there is not miscommunication “is it appropriate to have antibiotics, instead of expecting or demanding antibiotics.”   If you get resistance to antibiotics there may not be any other antibiotics to help the patient.

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