Why You Should Vaccinate Your Kids

\"shutterstock_147043055\"Vaccine Preventable Illnesses Are Painful and Dangerous

There are many people out there who are telling you not to vaccinate your children. However, there are many good reasons why you should make sure your kids are vaccinated. Here are the top five.

The illnesses that vaccines prevent are painful and dangerous for children. They can result in high fever, painful coughs, and skin rashes. They can take a toll on your child and put your child through needless suffering. Many children develop secondary infections as a result of these illnesses.

Your children may be killed by many of these diseases, such as pertussis or measles. Even if your child survives, there is a significant chance that your child will have lasting damage, from scars to disabilities.

Vaccine Preventable Illnesses Are Expensive

When your child contracts a vaccine-preventable illness like measles or pertussis, they may end up being hospitalized. Even if they aren’t you will have to take time off work, while continuing to pay for day care. By comparison, vaccination is very inexpensive.

Vaccines Are Effective at Protecting Children

No vaccine is perfect, but the effectiveness rate for vaccines is over 90% for all vaccines used today. When multiple doses are given, the effectiveness rate reaches 99% or more for nearly all vaccines in the schedule.

Other People Depend on Your Children Being Vaccinated

When you decide not to vaccinate your child, you are making a decision that affects not just your child, but many other people that cannot be vaccinated, such as children who are too young, those who are immune-compromised, or who are allergic to the vaccine. When you decide not to vaccinate your child, you are putting these people at risk as well.

Vaccination Will Make a Brighter Future

When everyone vaccinates their child against contagious diseases, many of them can be eliminated. This will result in a future where some diseases will be completely unknown, and children may no longer have to be vaccinated against them.

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