When to Visit an Internal Medicine Doctor

\"shutterstock_98521175\"Internal medicine specialists like Littleton’s Dr. Andy Fine often serve as primary care physicians, but internal medicine doctors don’t function solely as family physicians.

Internal medicine doctors have specialized knowledge and clinical expertise in the diagnosis, treatment and care of nonsurgical conditions in adults. If you’re an adult seeking a primary care doctor, it’s wise to choose a physician who focused on internal medicine.

Internal Medicine and Family Practice Doctors

Internal medicine doctors and family practice physicians all attend four years of medical school and undergo a three-year residency.

But internal medicine physicians, also known as internists (and not to be confused with interns), devote at least three years of their medical school studies and postgraduate training to the care of adults, from general health issues to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of complex illnesses. Doctors of internal medicine have the knowledge and experience to address any problem a patient may present, and to work with other specialists on solving difficult diagnostic issues.

Internists as Primary Care Physicians

In their roles as primary care providers for adult patients, internal medicine doctors are generally the first line of defense against potential health problems.

Your internal medicine physician can help you create a wellness plan, assess your health with routine medical checkups, and diagnose and treat a wide range of ailments from the common flu to more complicated health concerns. Internists take a comprehensive approach to helping you maintain good health and responding to potential problems.

Care for Life

Internal medicine doctors are here to care for adult patients through the rest of their lives.

Internists may coordinate aspects of care with other specialists, but they are trained to work with their patients to manage challenging medical problems. Internists may further seek sub-specialization in one of 13 areas, such as cardiology, geriatrics or sports medicine.

If you live in the Littleton, Colorado, area and you’re seeking a primary care doctor who is a board-certified internal medicine specialist, please contact Dr. Andy Fine online or call our office at 303-703-8583 to schedule your appointment.


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