What Is Gout and Why Does It Occur?

\"WhatGout is an inflammatory condition that can be genetic, but may also be perpetuated through certain foods—specifically with high–protein such as red meat—and alcohol. Most commonly, symptoms of Gout are exhibited in the form of joint pain, often found in the big toe or foot, as well as the elbow without the occurrence of a traumatic injury.

If a patient experiences pain like this without injury, they should visit their primary care physician, as this could allude to an underlying medical condition that needs to be addressed, tested, and treated. Gout does not generally resolve on its own, and in order to prevent future instances of the problem, testing must be administered.

Gout is the precipitation of crystals in your joint composed of uric acid, due to the acid failing to excrete from the kidneys. It causes excess development and clumps up to form a large mass in joints, which causes sporadic pain. The pain can be frequent, or fade and return. However, if you have joint pain unrelated to an injury, it is very important to get it checked out. If the Gout goes untreated, resulting in frequent inflammation, it can lead to the destruction of the joint and be followed by the development of premature arthritis.

Visit Colorado Primary Health Care to explore testing and treatment options for Gout, as they may include medication, and/or injections.

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