What Does an Internal Medicine Doctor Do?

An internal medicine doctor, or internist, is trained to handle a wide variety of health situations, illnesses, and conditions. They know how to help healthy people stay healthy, help sick people get healthy, and help people with chronic health problems manage those problems. They are at the center of the vast web of medical specialists, and are trained to understand the big picture to make sure the whole patient receives appropriate care.

Health Problem Preventers

One thing an internal medicine doctor can do is help you avoid health problems. An internal medicine doctor has been received training in the full range of risks that affect your health, so they are uniquely qualified to identify your risks and help you take steps to avoid them.

Health Problem Solvers

Internal medicine doctors are often solved as expert problem solvers. As they have been trained to understand a wide variety of health conditions, they have also been trained to put together all the information necessary to pin down exactly what you are experiencing so you can get proper treatment.

Internal medicine doctors may also perform many routine medical procedures, when appropriate for their patients.

Health Problem Managers

Internal medicine doctors are also great at managing those health conditions that just can’t be treated and dismissed. These chronic health conditions can be controlled, often with medications, but they cannot be cured. An internal medicine doctor can monitor your response to treatment and make sure that you are experiencing the expected benefit and no serious side effects. An internal medicine doctor can also help you look out for associated conditions that come along with your chronic health problems so you know when to adjust your care.

No matter what type of help you need from an internal medicine doctor, internist Dr. Andy Fine can help. Please call 303-703-8583 or book an appointment online at his office in Littleton, CO today.

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