Vitamin C, Multivitamins, and Supplements

\"VitaminDue to the lack of quality control in the supplement and vitamin industry, it is imperative to your health to do investigative work into the supplements you are considering for consumption. Consult with your Primary Care Physician today to see if supplements and vitamins are beneficial to your health goals, or if you are better off adjusting your diet.

There have been no proven benefits in the use of supplements or vitamins, including Zinc, Vitamin C, and all kinds of herbs. There have been many studies conducted that reveal that many these items are not proven to be any more effective than a sugar pill. Especially in winter, when Vitamin C, among others, is widely suggested for use in the prevention of catching seasonal ailments, Colorado Primary Health Care encourages you to instead, save your money and use over–the–counter saline spray and medications to reduce and treat cold-like symptoms.


For most people who are under the age of 65, taking multivitamins is not necessarily needed for health, as the body receives proper nutrition through a balanced diet. Vitamins are not effective in preventing illness. Multivitamins, ranging from expensive to generic supplements play little to no role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Most all evidence shows that there is no difference between cheapest generic brand and the expensive high–dose vitamins. There is nothing sold a nutrition store that has concrete evidence to support the claim that the items are beneficial to one’s health, nutritional, or even safe for consumption. The only age bracket that should consider the use of multivitamins is people over the age of 65.


When it comes to supplements, there is no form of regulation currently in place to ensure these products are safe for consumption. With varying ingredients that can present an array of issues in the realm of allergies, dehydration, and heart health, the use of supplements is not widely recommended.

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