Understanding New Standard Follow-Up Policies

Dr. Andy Fine explains some changes in the primary care field, specific to follow-ups with your doctor.

\"\"You might be used to seeing your doctor once a year or every couple years for getting a refill. Whether your refills are indefinite or for just a few months, Things Have Changed. Today, people are on so many different things and so many things need to be monitored. If you are on multiple medications, most cases (nearly all cases), you need to be seen quarterly.

An in-person visit with a clinician is necessary to examine you and subsequently, review the course of your underlying problem and adjust medications accordingly. This could lead to possibly ordering blood work to proceed further.

A lot of people are frustrated they need to come in more frequently than they had before. Unfortunately, this is now a requirement across the board and is considered appropriate medical care. Other offices that offer chronic care management and primary care will be doing the same.

If a patient is on a narcotic, they will need to be seen monthly. They will also be tested every three months with a urine drug screen as recommended by governmental bodies. We are strictly following this policy.

By preparing and understanding what is going to happen when you visit your physician, you will have the opportunity for a better experience. This pertains to either your first visit and/or follow-up visits.

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