Top Three Weight Loss Tools Offered by Colorado Primary Health Care

Achieving effective and safe weight loss with the guidance of your primary care clinician.


Many patients are surprised when they are told by their primary care physician that they are suffering from elevated cholesterol, blood pressure and/or blood sugar because they are overweight. Colorado Primary Health Care offers help in the realm of diet programs, weight loss tools and counseling, and medication to supplement traditional diet and exercise regimens in order to achieve a patient’s health goals and attain the quality of life that they deserve.

We have a successful track record of aiding patients’ health goals, often resulting in eliminating the need for diabetes, cholesterol, and high–blood pressure medication by paying strict attention to the progress of a patient’s of natural weight loss journey before making any adjustments to their weight loss program. With the supplement of additional safe, effective, and proven weight–loss medications, close monitoring to optimize physical exercises, and the use of an accountability–buddy, a healthy weight can be achieved.

A defined, concrete exercise program with focuses on heart–rate intensive activities can be prescribed to optimize the weight loss process. Strict calorie counts and dietary changes under the supervision of a primary care physician will speed up the weight loss process. Coordinating nutritional intake with the requirements of a physical activity program and a patient\’s’ previous medical history can boost results. Additionally, augmentation with medication can be a safe and effective way to lose weight once the results of diet and exercise techniques have plateaued.

The clinicians at Colorado Primary Health Care offer custom diet and exercise programs to work in tandem with any recommended supplementary medicine. Weight loss can be a delicate process, so we monitor our patients very closely to ensure effective results and prevent damage to the body. Our program has helped many patients get back on the road to being healthy, while also decreasing or eliminating the need for extra medications. Contact Colorado Primary Health Care today to start your journey to happier, healthier life!

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