Top Reasons You May Have Trouble Concentrating

\"TopDo you find yourself having difficulty staying focused? Do simple distractions derail you from being productive on a daily basis? Have you seen your physician about your problems, or do you self–diagnose the symptoms as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and just live with it? Surprisingly enough, struggling to concentrate is not just a symptom of ADD, but rather a multitude of ailments. Learn more about what could be causing your cognitive symptoms, below.

Lots of people have challenges with staying attentive, but that doesn’t necessarily mean all of those suffering of such have a diagnosis of ADD. There are other things that can cause difficulty with concentration, such as Thyroid complications and disorders, depression, and anxiety. If you have consistent problems related to information retention and comprehension when reading, difficulty staying focused while studying, or trouble concentrating at work, you may want to consider getting formally evaluated and tested by a Physician.

In cases where ADD has been diagnosed, one still may want to consider visiting with their Primary Care Physician to reevaluate their symptoms. Especially in cases where medication has been prescribed to alleviate the symptoms of assumed ADD, it is important to note that most all people respond positively to Adderall or Ritalin, as they are stimulants. A positive reaction to the medicine is not a definitive indicator that one truly has ADD, as they could just be responding to the stimulant. When questioning the aforementioned symptoms, it is important to get them evaluated by one’s Primary Care Physician and formal testing to determine the root cause of the concentration issues. At Colorado Primary Health care, we can test for ADD specifically, as there is a written process that must be administered, involving 4-hour test. It is only then that one can be properly diagnosed with ADD, or further evaluate the present cognitive symptoms to determine the correct diagnosis.

Contact your Primary Care Physician at Colorado Primary Health Care today to learn more.

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