Tips for Patient Empowerment

\"\"There has been more and more talk about wanting the patient to have a more collaborative environment with the doctor. Versus having the doctor just telling them what to do. Dr. Andy Fine explains ways to enhance patient engagement in your own care.

Starting with preparations for your first visit with a new doctor. First, list all medical conditions you have whether new, old or resolved. Next, create a list of all of your medications. Which should include not only the medication names but the doses and how frequently you take them.

Always carry a list on your person – not necessarily on your phone but probably a written list. If you pass out or something worse, someone could get access to it. This could be a life saver.

Often times, people may come in wanting refills but they are not sure what they are on. We are not as able to help the patient get what they need because we’re not sure what dose they are taking. We may know what they were prescribed most recently but that doesn’t necessarily mean that someone else hasn’t changed that or the patient isn’t taking what we think they are taking. You don’t need to bring in the actual prescriptions just write down that information and it will be extremely helpful to streamline the visits.

Due to all kinds of other pressures, office visits aren’t as long as they used to be. Dr. Andy Fine will continue this discussion next week. Be sure to check back.

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