Telemedicine vs In–Person Appointments

\"TelemedicineDo You Need To Visit Your Primary Care Office?

There are many people accessing consultations online and taking advantage of telemedicine by phone and the internet these days. However, in cases like ours, the reimbursement systems are simply not setup for virtual consultations. Colorado Primary Health Care feels strongly about seeing a patient in–person. An appropriate exam will take little–to–no time, and can offer better, more thorough, and accurate diagnosis and treatment plans. Comparatively, telemedicine from a physician not well acquainted with a patient’s medical history can pose issues, especially when the doctor cannot physically examine the patient.

Other instances may not require a wellness visit. For example, when patients want prescription refills, there is a simple, electronic process for fulfillment. In an ideal, advanced, twenty–first century practice, this should not require any work by way of phone of fax. If an office utilizes these methods, they are not maximizing their productivity efficiency and care for their patients to the optimum potential. Patients should submit a refill inquiry—usually through text message, online, or a mobile interface—through their preferred pharmacy one week before running out of their prescription medication. Doing so prevents callback, communication, and dosing errors. When contacting the doctor\’s office or pharmacist, everything should be done electronically for a more ideal experience for patients.

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