Supplements and Over the Counter Medications

\"Supplements At various grocery stores and pharmacies, there are aisles dedicated to supplements and over the counter medications. You may be convinced that these products will make you healthier, safer, live longer, and retain your memory.

The bottom line is you should speak to your doctor before taking any of the products. They could be dangerous or harmful as most of them are not regulated. The way physicians approach these supplements and over the counter medications is that if it\’s not both safe and effective we cannot recommend it.

If you want to take them that is fine, but in most cases saving your money on these products is probably the healthiest you can do.


There are Vitamins A-Z and everything in between. There is no evidence that a multi-vitamin is needed except possibly, a frail or elderly person. A middle-aged and young person does not need any vitamin supplementation at all. 

Fish Oil and Omega 3 Fatty Acids:

There is no evidence that these things are useful. Eating regular fish is healthy, but fish oil in a supplement hasn\’t been shown as effective or safe. There are a lot of compounds in fish oil that are potentially dangerous.

Protein Supplements:

There is no evidence that you need these unless you’re a frail, elderly person or someone with a terminal illness that has low protein values shown on lab tests that needs protein supplements. These are considered dangerous. By the time there are symptoms of kidney failure, it could be too late. The kidney function is checked with a blood test that your doctor can order.

Don\’t order your own blood test even though it is legal to do so. If you’re not trained on how to specifically handle a lab test, then you might interpret it as something either more serious or less serious than it actually is.

Pre-Workout Supplements and Muscle Builders, Energy and Endurance Drinks and Performance Supplements:

These have all been shown to be unsafe and ineffective. Stay away from these products. 


The herbs listed below have little to no evidence that says any of these are safe and effective. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that CBD helps pain relief, which could be okay. But I cannot tell you that it is safe nor can I recommend it, it\’s not standardized and studied thoroughly enough yet. 

Echinacea, zinc, black cohosh, blueberry extract, tian supplements, cinnamon, coconut oil, cranberry supplements, elderberry (Maybe), thyme, flaxseed oil, garlic, ginger, ginkgo, ginseng, goldenseal, grape seed extract, green tea extract, hawthorn berry, marshmallow root, milk thistle, mushroom extract, oregano, passionflower, peppermint oil, resveratrol, rosehip, saw palmetto, cina, turmeric, white willow, yellow dock root, yohimbe, and CBD. 

Digestive support:

Probiotics, cleansing, detox, enemas, intestinal colon support cleaners, liver health formulas have not been shown to be safe or effective. Always run these things by your primary care doctor prior to use. Most topical products for your skin are usually safe and effective but will have a warning if not.

Fat Burners, Appetite, Diet, or Metabolism Controllers, Growth, Hormone, and Testosterone Boosters:

These are all dangerous and can increase the risk of cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, heart rate, heart stress, destroy kidneys and/or liver. Be sure to run these products by your physician before using them. 

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