Statin Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Treating Erectile Dysfunction

\"shutterstock_180746966\"New studies have been published indicating that the cholesterol-lowering drugs in the class called statins actually decrease erectile dysfunction. Researchers are not sure why yet, although the presumption is that these drugs improve vascular flow everywhere, including to the penis, by their anti-inflammatory effects. Safety and efficacy of these drugs are well studied now, as far as the significant risk reduction in heart disease, stroke, and cerebrovascular disease.

Physicians are feeling better than ever that the risks of these drugs, like zocor, lipitor, crestor,mevacor, simvistatin, atorvastatin, etc. are far outweighed by their benefits. The jury is still out on the risk/ benefit ratio of these drugs to treat ED alone if you have no other risks. The same would be true for the viagra, cialis, levitra drugs. We know them to be effective and safe, yet no long-term large studies confirm this yet. Bottom line: if you have ED, you might consider a statin drug if you have any cardiovascular disease risk factors, including elevated blood pressure, high cholesterol, or elevated blood sugar.

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