Spring Fatigue, Allergies and Stuffy Noses Part 1


There are a lot of reasons people can be tired, and if you have persistent tiredness or abruptive new onset tiredness that’s a reason to see a health care provider. While you can have anything from allergies to stomach infections or inflammation that is causing the fatigue, you could also have a sleeping disorder that needs to be treated or sleep apnea which a lot of people are not aware of that they have. You could even have unrecognized depression; memory issues that can cause energy troubles or even anemia. Nutritional deficiencies can make people tired or can result in thyroid problems and vitamin deficiencies. Dr. Fine says to not assume that if you are chronically tired that it’s because you might not be sleeping enough.  However, if you are not sleeping enough you should go get help because there are lots of ways other than addictive forming medications that we can help with getting you to sleep. A few options include therapy or non-addictive medications.

Dr. Fine says that a lot of people get stuffy noses this time of year from pollen, trees and grass blooming which can trigger allergies but if those are left untreated, they can cause you chronic tiredness and a runny nose. If you are stuffed up enough and do not flush yourself out with saline rinses, you can actually block normal drainage of the fluid that you are producing and get a sinus infection. A lot of people have chronic sinus infections or allergies that they have misdiagnosed which have actually developed into an infection. This needs to be treated or else it’s not going to get better on its own.

There are many things that you can be allergic to that we can test for in the office without referring you to an allergist including a number of 12 to 15 grasses, trees, and pollens. We can also test for a lot of foods, additives and environmental things that cause people to have chronic congestion, stuffy noses, sneezing and fatigue. The oral antihistamines are usually the first thing we recommend that are over the counter like Claritin, Zyrtec, Benadryl derivatives that are pills that you can take for allergy symptoms and if those do not work in combination or they make you tired, we recommend a steroid nose spray which you can get over the counter. There are also some other medications that we can prescribe to treat your symptoms, that are not available over the counter and might be more helpful if over the counter medications did not work for you.

It is not normal to have a chronic runny/stuffy nose, a post nasal drip or having to clear your throat all the time. If you have these symptoms and it persists then you should get evaluated because you want to prevent that from turning into something more significant like an infection or a chronic cough. There are several things that can cause a chronic cough that you may not think is serious and it may not be medically serious but it can certainly be prevented. You can have things like acid reflux that may not incur any heartburn but can cause acid to go up the esophagus and down into your lung area to cause a chronic cough. The chronic cough together with post nasal drip can start an infection or a cold of some kind.  Chronic means lasting more than a couple of months and when you have a cough and nothing is coming up, you are not sick and it persists for more than a month or so, you should definitely be evaluated even if you do not feel ill and you are not coughing up a bunch of \”junk\”.

If you are suffering from allergies or experiencing some of these symptoms, call our office at (303) 703-8583 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Fine.

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