Shoulder Pain

\"ShoulderIf you have an abrupt injury in your shoulder, or pain that is acute for a day or two, you don’t need go to an orthopedist or even necessarily need x–rays, and certainly don’t need to go to the emergency room. ER visits should only come into play in life–threatening situations. In the case of abrupt shoulder injury or lingering pain, patients are encouraged visit their primary care physician. At Colorado Primary Health Care, we can evaluate you symptoms, and determine whether you need x- rays or MRIs on a case–by–case basis, and provide treatment to provide immediate relief of the pain with medications and/or injections. Additionally, we offer services involving coordinating the treatment plan with a reputable physical therapist to treat the problem without the need to go to an orthopedist. We offer faster appointment scheduling than that of a specialist, and offer relief faster, and less expensively.

Age or Activity–Related Injury of the Rotator Cuff

If you experience slow onset pain, you are more likely to have a general Rotator Cuff problem, though not necessary a tear. If you endure a fall and experience acute pain, you could have a tear or dislocation. Regardless how long you have had the pain, how quickly it has come about, or how frequently the pain occurs, your primary care physician should be the first place you visit to address the issue. Ailments of the shoulder and/or rotator cuff should be evaluated by your primary care physician to determine the root problem. In the majority of cases, procedural intervention is not necessary.

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