should I get insurance in 2014?

Many patients are asking us how to navigate thru, or whether to even get, health insurance with the new laws going into effect. To clarify: everyone with the new laws can get health insurance at a more reasonable price than in recent years, according to most reports. Everyone that meets household income under about $80,000 qualifies for getting their monthly health care premium subsidized, partially or fully, by the federal government. Additionally, if you get medical care more than three times a year, you are better off getting insurance than taking your chances and paying out of pocket cash for it instead. Don\’t forget, even if you just get a bad cold once a year, you can get into an accident, or get an unexpected illness that it not in your control, at a moment\’s notice. This could not only effect your health and quality of life, but could ruin your finances forever if you do not have adequate coverage. Also, if you need to go to an urgent care or emergency room, for , let\’s say, a cut on your hand from a fall or cutting a bagel, you will be charged several hundred dollars just for the evaluation, not including the supplies, the cost of a medical provider suturing your cut, or any other unanticipated surgery or procedure. If you need any medication, these also add up considerably without insurance, especially if you take anything that might be an ongoing monthly prescription. So protect yourself; get some form of insurance in case anything terrible happens. Even if you are young and seemingly invincible, with no need to go to a doctor ever, at some point, whether you plan it or not, you will need to access the health care system. If you do not have insurance, you will be charged obscene amounts by any urgent care, emergency room, hospital, or pharmacy, in most cases. Getting insurance allows the health insurance plan to negotiate prices on your behalf for what are more reasonable charges for whatever medical services you might need. Regardless of your politics, getting some kind of health coverage will be much more cost effective for you than not having it. lus, as a phyician, I am often handcuffed into not being able to fully implement a treatment program to help my patients with proper diagnostic and therapeutic treatment options if someone is uncovered.This is a shame because getting an xray, an MRI, or getting physical therapy can often be ridiculously expensive if you are paying for it out of pocket without insurance. You will get more comprehensive care if you are insured. This does not mean that you will undergo unnecessary testing or procedures if insured, though, this could happen if guided in the wrong hands, but rather that all the appropriate care that you might need can be fully realized to an insured compared to a non insured patient.

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