Primary Care Physicians Offer Personalized, Comprehensive Care and Evaluations

\"\"Colorado Primary Healthcare is dedicated to your well-being and ensures continuity of care every time you visit our office. The accessibility to all the patient’s medical records and complete history gives us the ability to evaluate and discuss the symptoms as well as address any underlying issues in their treatment. A treatment plan would take into account the the patient’s preference for what they want to get out of the visit, in addition to, what is best practice based on evidence and the risks when treating acute symptoms.

According to Dr Andy Fine, this comprehensive care is what distinguishes a primary care physician’s office from an urgent care facility. In addition, there is immediate access to equipment to support a full range of primary care and family medical services and specialization in internal medicine. Dr. Andy Fine says that this allows rapid results for tests for strep throat, flu, EKGs and lung tests for asthma assessment. Other services provided are biopsies, the removal of warts and injections for joint pain and muscle spasms along with the treatment for the underlying cause.

The primary care physician’s familiarity with the patient’s history makes your primary care office the place that is best designed to treat your symptoms efficiently and most appropriately with the resources available. Even in the case of something that might need speciality care like a broken ankle, a twisted knee or severe backpain, it is advisable to visit your primary care physician first. Unlike urgent care centers, the primary care physician is well aware of the speciality care offices and physicians you will be referred to. Their competence and quality of care as well as costs has already been assessed and referrals will be made keeping in mind the best fit for the patient. Ongoing relationship and agreements with local facilities allows them to provide feedback such as notes on treatment. This assures the best patient care.

Keeping spots deliberately open on the schedule to specifically accommodate patients who may have symptoms that need urgent attention means that there is a minimal wait to see your primary care physician. Research suggests that patients will get better and more comprehensive care at a primary care office rather than at an urgent care center. In addition, a primary care visit is less expensive and more importantly, the patient gets evaluation and treatment from a physician they already know.


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