Pain Management and Anxiety Meds


\"shutterstock_66762472\"The risk of unintentional overdose and drug interactions increases significantly if you are adding anxiety drugs such as valium, xanax, ativan, lorazepam, or klonipin to any narcotic pain relievers. Patients would be wise if being treated for both to have a gradual switch to less addictive or habit forming drugs like the anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medications like SSRIs and SSNI meds, like paxil, zoloft, wellbutrin, effexor, prozac, lexapro, and celexa. These may take weeks to work, but have far fewer drug interactions and fewer side effects than the benzodiazepine meds.

Medications For Chronic Pain

If you have documented chronic pain with legitimate medical need as documented by an actual medical diagnosis for your pain, you will get the best pain relief by being on both a long acting and a short acting narcotic. Too many people with pain are simply on short acting drugs. Also, newer branded meds like oxycontin are way more expensive than generic equivalents and cheaper to keep costs down. Usually, unless you have a testable genetic resistance to opioid meds, your maximal daily dose of narcotics should not exceed 90mg. More than this will result in more pain, and or more chance for abuse, hospitalization, or death, with no improved pain relief. Tapering narcotics is in most patients\’ best interest, with 10% per month acceptable to avoid withdrawal. Also, methadone and suboxone, two widely prescribed \” safer\” meds that are narcotics as well, are often peddled by pain clinics, yet are not any safer, more effective, or less habit forming than their equivalent narcotics. A physician should be directing all opiate care, which often is not the case in these stand alone clinics.

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