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We constantly are trying to improve our patient experience. We are committed as an office to enjoying, and forming long term relationships with, the patients we serve. We use evidence based medicine as the mainstay of our office, which includes avoiding doing harm, and doing what is the appropriate care at the right time in the right setting for each patient. All of us are in this era of transparency, patient empowerment with the internet, and customer satisfaction being so important. So now patients may sometimes feel that that they can get whatever they think is the proper treatment, regardless of the doctor\’s professional opinion of what is in their best interest medically, or else they will find it somewhere else. We sometimes don\’t give the patient what they want, especially if it is unsafe, harmful, dangerous, or potentially life threatening to do so. When some patients don\’t get what they think they need, like an MRI, antibiotics for viral infections,high dose narcotics, or habit forming sedative medications, they get understandably angry and then write bad reviews online. They accuse you of being uncaring, unprofessional, and other made up stories to vent their frustration. We are responsible for giving quality medical care above all else.This is the most important part of being health care provider. Sometimes, it is the right thing to do to tell the patient that you are their advocate yet that the treatment they are requesting is not something we are comfortable with. Can\’t please everybody. If you get 100% customer satisfaction by giving people whatever they request, regardless of appropriateness, you probably are not practicing the best quality medical care. So, if you read online physician reviews,please keep this in mind. Our office is going to continue to practice safe, effective,evidence based, cost effective care. As patients, you will benefit from that concern.

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