How to Optimize Your Visit with a Primary Care Physician

\"HowMuch of the general population loathes setting appointments for doctor visits, primarily due to difficulties with timely scheduling and delays in appointments. However, there are several things patients can do to optimize their visit with a primary care physician, as well as ensure a timely appointment for both themself and others.

At Colorado Primary Health Care, we seek to ensure all patient concerns are addressed and handled in a timely fashion. Patients who normally discuss several concerns during their visit would be better suited to inform their appointment–setter of these issues ahead of time in order to focus on the most practical and related items during each visit. Remember, always lead with the issue that concerns you most. The best way to optimize a visit with a primary care physician is to know what you want out of the appointment, and relay that information to those setting your appointment. While this may result in multiple appointments, it allows the physician to address one or two concerns thoroughly, and—if necessary—establish a treatment plan or acquire a referral.

Additionally, new patients will get the best experience and care if they prepare a detailed medical history before their first visit, including previous physicians, a list of current medications as well as dosages, and past surgery history. Our nurse practitioners and physicians will have a well–rounded understanding of the new patient’s background in order to determine a proper treatment protocol with better accuracy and decreased risk.

The physician makes an independent decision for the patient\’s health and safety based on the information they are provided, so it is important for new patients to be as thorough as possible. This will also allow the doctor visit to go smoother and faster for the best experience for the new patient and others waiting to see physicians.

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