Navigating Your Insurance Plan

Today, health insurance can be very confusing and complicated so it is important to know ahead of time what is covered and what is not before you or a family member gets sick or injured and needs to go to the doctor. Here are five important tips to keep in mind when navigating your insurance plan.

1. You Need To Know Coverage If You Go Out Of State\"\"

Prior to traveling out of state, make sure to find out if you are covered if you or a loved one need to visit urgent care or the emergency room. Make sure to not just look at your insurance premium but be aware of your copay before you go to any doctor to receive treatment. 

When looking at your plan make sure to go over everything diligently as you want to see what services are covered by your plan. Some plans may be cheaper because they are offering fewer services than other plans. 

2. Know Your Drug Coverage

This is very important because some medications can be super expensive when it comes to chronic illnesses which includes injectable medications and infusions. Even advanced illnesses, such as cancer or COPD can be very expensive and coverage needs to be checked before getting these medications. 

3. Know Your Copay And Deductible For Your Pharmacy Benefits 

If you have an out of pocket medical expense there can be unexpected charges. Plans can have deductibles that are separate from your insurance. Contact your insurance company to learn more.

4. Check Your Accessibility 

Double check your accessibility as there can be closed networks where you can only visit certain doctors. Availability to get into a clinic may be difficult. Keep in mind some doctors can be in your network but make sure you can get in at a diligent time. 

5. Make Sure To Ask Yourself, “What Is This Going To Cost?” Before You Get A Service

You are entitled to know the price and any other information before you proceed with a treatment. Always make sure to get a quote from your insurance company in writing to make sure there are no mistakes. This will also allow you to go back and reference the information if there are added fees that are added on that were not there before. 

Once you get the bill, you can ask to see an itemized bill and see if each service was an appropriate price.

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