Modafinil for Chronic Exhaustion, Concentration Disorders, and More

\"ModafinilModafinil is a wakefulness medication utilized initially to aid military personnel doing shift work, or whose work requires steady alertness for extended periods of time. While it is a relatively new medication, doctors are now prescribing it to patients suffering from chronic exhaustion, attention and concentration disorders, alertness issues, narcolepsy, and other ailments. Modafinil has been on the market for the last four years and costs roughly $5 a day. Thus far, results from those taking the medication for the aforementioned symptoms have seen great success in achieving increased alertness.

If you are experiencing symptoms of fatigue, decreased alertness, anxiety, depression, or concentration and memory problems, Dr. Andy Fine of Colorado Primary Healthcare highly recommends you get evaluated by your primary care physician to determine the underlying medical condition causing the symptoms, such as a Vitamin D deficiency or thyroid issue, among others, and establish an appropriate course of action. Other potential causes for these symptoms include stress, anxiety, and depression. Your primary care physician can administer a test to determine if ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), is the cause of the symptoms as well. From there, a prescription of ADD medication may be recommended.

However, the use of ADD medication should be approached with caution, as these drugs are stimulants and can cause a variety of side effects if not taken as prescribed. This type of medication is often overprescribed after a lack of proper test administration, due to both high demand and the high–success rate of the medication to provide immediate symptom relief. For example, for patients utilizing testosterone to resolve symptoms of over–exhaustion, it’s common for the patient to feel significantly better due to the nature of the drug—being an anabolic steroid. However, side effects for stimulants include heart palpitations relating to chest pain, anxiety, insomnia, and stress. If you experience any of these symptoms, contact your primary care physician immediately.

There are older, more established stimulant drugs like Ritalin and Adderall that are highly prescribed for ADD, as they are cheap, safe, and effective if given to the right patient population. There are also newer medications such as Strattera, Concerta, and Vyvanse that have not been shown to be more effective. However, they are highly expensive and are being marketed heavily to the general public, causing patients to seek these medications specifically from their physicians.

It’s always more highly recommended to go through the proper steps to determine the underlying cause of symptoms in order to best find a solution that both protects and preserves the patient’s health. This is why we, at Colorado Primary Health Care, always advise patients to seek initial diagnosis before treatment as provided by a primary care physician. At a primary care office, not only will patients be treated for their symptoms, but the root of the problem can be determined through testing, proper medications can be prescribed, and the patient will ultimately save money by not opting to go to an Urgent Care or Emergency Room facility.

If you believe you could benefit from the prescription of Modafinil, or other ADD medications, contact Colorado Primary Health Care today to schedule an evaluation.

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