Internal Medicine vs Family Practice

There are two types of doctors who generally act as primary care providers: internal medicine doctors, called internists, and family practitioners.

What They Have In Common

Both types of doctors are qualified to act as primary care physicians. They have attended medical school, completed a three-year residency (supervised medical practice), and have been licensed by the Colorado State Medical Board to practice in the state. Either is a reasonable choice for a primary care physician.

When a Family Practitioner Might Be Right for You

A family practice doctor is trained to deal with the care of people from, essentially, birth to death. Their training includes some pediatrics (care of children), and some obstetrics/gynecology (care of women’s reproductive health), as well as the care of adult health problems.

A family practitioner might be right for you if you are looking for a doctor that you and your kids can attend together, or if you are looking for a doctor that can transition your teen from their pediatrician to an adult primary care provider.

When an Internist Might Be Right for You

An internal medicine doctor, or internist, has been trained to deal with the full range of health problems that affect adults. An internist has received an education that is generally focused on preventing, detecting, monitoring, and treating health conditions experienced by adults. They can help you keep yourself in optimum health, identify when something’s wrong, and make sure you get the right treatment, whether they provide that treatment themselves or refer you to a specialist.

An internal medicine doctor is recommended for most adults because of their skill and training at diagnosing sometimes complex health conditions. They know how to put together a wide variety of information to figure out when you need additional care. They are trained in dealing with severe chronic illnesses and can identify when you might be afflicted by multiple illnesses and recommend appropriate care.

If you are looking for a primary care physician, Dr. Andy Fine is an internal medicine doctor in Littleton, CO who is accepting patients. Please call 303-703-8583 or make an appointment online today.

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