How To Stay Out Of The Doctor\’s Office – Part 3

The last couple of weeks, we heard from Dr. Fine about the key role that diet and exercise play in our good health. We continue the series this week and in How To Stay Out Of The Doctor’s Office- Part 3, Dr. Fine stresses on the importance of maintaining good weight for your physical and mental health. Read below for Dr. Fine’s insights and recommendations on the importance of proper weight. 

\"\"Weight loss is an important part of your overall health. Dr. Fine recommends that you should focus on diet as well as exercise to maintain good weight. Good weight is important for your physical as well as mental health. There are charts that you can search online that show what your weight range should be in relation to your height. The Body Mass Index (BMI) is a pretty accurate reflection of one’s cardiovascular and brain health based on weight.

What we see in the aging cycle is that maintaining good weight helps with the body structure and helps avoid issues with the lower back, neck and joints. Your body can only carry some additional weight and is significantly stressed by weight gain. Even an extra five to seven pounds can cause spasms and mid back, knee and joint problems. There are so many people that have preventable neck, back and joint problems simply because they are a few pounds overweight. A proper weight will give you significant benefits in increased energy and also help the structure of your body.

\"\"Dr. Fine notes that as we grow older, outside our teenage years, both intake and diet affects weight more than exercise. Both are of course important in trying to lose weight. Exercise is good to increase your metabolism and get your heart rate up. Please avoid artificial means to increase your metabolism.

It is important to focus on diet as well as exercise to maintain your normal weight. However, more than exercise, it is important to pay attention to your calorie intake when you are trying to lose weight. Hold yourself accountable and set small goals for yourself. Try to lose five pounds over a month or two. It is fairly doable and safe to lose a pound a week. Stick to a daily plan and pay attention to your diet to sustain your ideal weight.

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