How to Cut Down Your Own Health Care Costs

The United States Health Care costs are much greater than other countries. Research suggests the reason may be attributed to four-five areas of treatment. Dr. Andy Fine has put together a series of a tips to help cut down on your own health care costs.

[dt_quote type=\”pullquote\” layout=\”right\” font_size=\”h5\” size=\”3\”]When you have shortness of breath or irregular heart beats, you should go to your Primary Care Doctor first.[/dt_quote]Our first area of focus will be Cardiology costs. The residents of our country go to Cardiologists too much! We rack up too many angioplasties and heart catheterizations by going straight to a Cardiologist. When you have shortness of breath or irregular heart beats, you should go to your Primary Care Doctor first.

\"\"Cardiologists end up doing invasive procedures that have been proven NOT to be any better than doing medication management for the same conditions. We do at least four times the number of angioplasties, heart stints and heart catheterizations than other countries do with the same outcomes. In other words, if you have heart disease or a blockage, you are not benefiting by getting an angioplasty any more than someone only getting medication.

Why do we need to be doing things that carry risks? For example, you can have a heart catheterization and have numerous complications: injury at the site, infection, burst blood vessel from where they put the catheter in your groin; as well as a possible stroke or heart attack during the procedure. These are rare complications but certainly happen.

Your Primary Care provider should be your advocate and guide to tell you when you need to go to the cardiologist or not. They can determine if a visit would be helpful to you or potentially harmful. We want you to get the best care for your heart, if that is needed, but do not want you to undergo unnecessary costly testing. Not only is it financially costly and could incur potential complications but the fear, worry and stress caused is just not worth it!

Next time, we will discuss the Health Care costs associated with Knee and Hip Pain with Arthritis.

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