Flu and Cold Season — Importance of the Flu Shot

\"FluEveryone should get a flu shot every single year, as the strains of the flu vary each season.

The flu shot is the most cost–effective thing the general public can do to prevent all upper respiratory illnesses, including the flu, sinus infections, bronchitis, or pneumonia. Flu shots decrease the severity and duration cold and flu symptoms.

This year, we are seeing all kinds of colds and upper respiratory sinus infections running rampant. If you have symptoms including severe headaches, nasal discharge, sore throat, cough congestion for more than a week, it is highly advised that you visit your primary care physician to get it checked out.

Remember, there is no need to visit urgent care, especially given the flexible scheduling and cost–effective treatments available at Colorado Primary Health Care. If you haven’t experienced these symptoms (above), make sure to get your flu shot as soon as possible, as flu shots take roughly two weeks to become fully effective. Patients with medical conditions that increase the chance of catching the flu or decrease the body’s ability to fight infection should especially be mindful of getting flu shots early.

The root cause of the aforementioned symptoms is often difficult to determine after verbal explanation, so it is very important to visit your Primary Care Physician if symptoms linger for more than a couple days. At Colorado Primary Health Care, not only can we provide immediate symptom relief, but we can help determine the underlying cause and provide antibiotics and other medications as necessary.

Contact Colorado Primary Health Care today for more information.

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