Dr. Andy Fine of Colorado Primary Health Care — Volunteer, Presentation, and Award History

\"CongratulationsDr. Andy Fine is the lead internist and primary care physician at Colorado Primary Health Care, and currently serves as the Governor of the Colorado Chapter of the American College of Physicians. As exhibited by his extensive background in collegiate education, philanthropic endeavors, and career awards, Dr. Fine is committed to serving the greater Denver area. Below, we will wrap up our series of articles in outlining his experience in medical advising and teaching, as well as career awards.

Dr. Andy Fine has been assisting in educating the future of the medical community for many years. Outside of his experience at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and the American College of Physicians, he has heavily influenced the medical community in Denver by working with a variety of other institutions. From 2001-2002, he served on the Board of Directors with the Colorado Clinical Guidelines Collaborative, as a Consultant to the Medicare Physicians Regulatory Issues Team, and assisted the COPIC Emerging Leaders Program through 2004. During this timeframe, Dr. Fine also began consulting for Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield on the creation of primary care disease management algorithms, and worked alongside the Primary Care Advisory Panel with United Healthcare.

[dt_quote type=\”pullquote\” layout=\”right\” font_size=\”h4\” animation=\”none\” size=\”1\”]Dr. Fine consulted for Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield on the creation of primary care disease management algorithms.[/dt_quote]

Spanning 2000–2006, Dr. Fine presented “Practice 101: Practice Essentials for New Physicians” several times a year for many medical programs, including the Swedish Medical Center Family Medicine, St. Anthony’s Family Medicine Program, the University of Colorado Health Science Center, Internal Medicine Residency Program, the Denver Medical Society, Arapahoe Medical Society, and COPIC (Colorado Physicians Insurance Company). He also served as a lecturer on the topic of “Real World Medicine — Preparation for Life after Residency” with the Department of Medicine, Internal Medicine Residency at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, the Swedish Hospital Family Medicine Residency, St. Anthony Hospital Family Medicine Residency, Denver Medical Society, COPIC Residency Practice Forum, and Arapahoe/South Denver Medical Society.


In 2005, Dr. Fine presented “The Skinny on Weight Control Diets” at Littleton Adventist Hospital, and co-instructed alongside Louis McDonald, M.D., to the undergraduate class at the University of Denver on “The American Healthcare System” in 2007. A few years later, he also presented at the Young Physician section Fall 2011 meeting for the Colorado Chapter of the American College of Physicians on “Practice Essentials for New Physicians/Physician Employment Contract Review,” followed by “Clinical Teaching” with the University of Colorado School of Medicine 4th year medical students as an elective course in “Physician as Educator in the Fall of 2012.

Other professional experience of Dr. Fine includes serving as the Expert Clinical Medical Evaluator for the Colorado Center for Physician Enhancement and Education Program (CPEP) in 2007. He worked as the Medical Director of Berkley Home Health Care Systems and on the Panel of Advisors for the Regional Institute for Health and Environmental Leadership (RIHEL)/Resilience Nursing Retention Project in 2009. Later that year, he began a three-year project with the South Metro Primary Care IPA’s Utilization Management Committee, Clinical Guidelines Committee, and as the Physician Educator, Physician Quality Performance Review. Dr. Fine also worked with Gerson Lehman Group as a Clinical Physician and Scholar/Educator in 2010, consulting for 80 medical projects with the Physician Health Partners and serving as a Physician Lead and on the Practice Quality Performance Review Program in 2011. Fulfilling the role of Sub-Investigator of Clinical Research, Dr. Fine worked with Horizons Clinical Research Center that same year.

Dr. Andy Fine has long-since been recognized for his efforts in medical excellence, education, and philanthropy. In 2000, he was selected out of a national pool as one of fifty to receive the American Medical Association National Emerging Leaders in Medicine Award.[dt_quote type=\”pullquote\” layout=\”left\” font_size=\”h4\” animation=\”none\” size=\”3\”]Dr. Fine was one of fifty to receive the American Medical Association National Emerging Leaders in Medicine Award.[/dt_quote]The University of Colorado Health Sciences School of Medicine presented him with the Department of Medicine Medical Student Teaching Award in 2007, Department of Medicine Award for Contributions to “Foundations of Doctoring” program for Medical Students in 2008, and a Certificate of Appreciation for Contributions to the Foundations of Doctoring Communications Curriculum in 2011. Dr. Fine was also a Fellow of the President’s Teaching and Learning Collaborative with the President’s Teaching Scholars Program for the University of Colorado from 2010-2011. Some of other his awards include the Patients’ Choice Award from PatientsChoice.org in 2008, 2009, and 2012, the Diabetes Recognition Program from 2012–2015 and the Heat/Stroke Recognition Program from 2011–2014, as recognized by the National Committee for Quality Assurance.

\"MoreWhile Dr. Andy Fine is not one to call attention to his reputation of excellence in providing medical care, serving the community, and educating the future leaders in healthcare, the team at Colorado Primary Health Care thought it was important to inform both potential and his current patient base of his endeavors. It is clear that Dr. Fine is heavily invested in serving the greater Denver community in a variety of platforms; anyone contemplating a change in their primary health care provider should seriously consider the value of Dr. Fine’s extensive history in medicine, volunteer work, education, and career accolades.

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