Debunking the Strength Training Myth

This week, we will continue the discussion on the \”regular exercise\” everyone can include in their routines; 10-minute exercise bursts. Also what about using strength training as a mode of building metabolism …

Dr. Andy Fine explains, if you are limited on time – you don’t really need to do strength training! Better to do weight baring stuff – whether it\’s walking here or there. This will maintain your bone density and leg strength but you don’t have to lift weights to increase metabolism. You are better off doing something aerobic with a little strength to compliment it.

Way to many people spend too much timing doing strength and weight training and not enough aerobic and not understand why they aren’t loosing weight.

\"\"So you can exercise as little as, and still get a benefit, 10 minutes a session or even as little as 2 days a week, IF the intensity is high enough. Be sure to warm up first! You don’t want to pull a muscle by going high-intensity from 0-60 – start sprinting and tear something. We don’t want that.

Take about 5-minutes to warm up muscles. Gradually increase and by the 5-minute mark you should be plenty warm to do something more intense. If the increased intensity hurts your knees or hips then you need to switch to something non-weight baring – i.e., stationary bike with resistance or swimming.

We hope you have enjoyed these helpful, health tips by Dr. Andy Fine. More to come next week, have a great weekend!

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