Combining Western and Alternative Medicine for Patient Care

\"CombiningCombining western and alternative medicine has proven to be increasingly effective for treating patients in ways that align with an individual\’s lifestyle.  Continue reading below to learn more about the combined approach of integrative medicine for optimal care from our very own Dr. Fine.  

Today I want to talk about the use of complementary medicine with traditional western medicine. There is a new way of framing the conversation by combining both alternative natural medicine to traditional western medicine, which is focused on procedures and pharmaceuticals. In addition, everything else which has been going on for centuries all over the world which can involve natural treatments, nutrition, exercise, weight management, spiritual practices, meditation, mental health optimization and supplements. 

We want to tell you that we try to use the term integrative medicine.  I\’m taking a fellowship right now that takes a good bit of my time after hours towards getting a degree from the University of Arizona School of Medicine which is an added training in integrative medicine.  I\’m really excited about this because it has opened a whole new world for me to try and understand all these things that can affect people\’s health from diet, exercise, prayer, rituals, spirituality, mind-body practices and meditation. 

I used to think all this stuff was \”flaky\” or didn\’t do anything and I\’m learning that there\’s a lot of evidence for these practices that can be used in combination with traditional western medicine to make people feel better.  After all, what we\’re after is to make people feel better, not just make sure you don\’t have some life-threatening diagnosis. We want to get to the bottom of whatever causes those symptoms and reverse them, not just put a bandaid on it or give you a drug.  So that\’s why I’m excited about incorporating integrative medicine into our practice. 

If anyone at the practice has ever given the impression that we are not open to alternative ways to approaching a problem, let us know that because that is not true and we welcome the best way to treat each individual patient.  We want to make sure we don\’t miss anything by only doing things with traditional western medicine but also incorporate what\’s important to you in your healthcare decision-making.  That\’s where integrative medicine comes into play. We can discuss your diagnosis, potential work ups, suggested treatment plans and also use all the tools out there that might be important to treat your symptoms or underlying condition. At that point, we can attack from all angles with your value system in mind so that we do what\’s best for you and what you think is best for you, not just what we tell you to do. 

We want this to be a collaborative process of treatment and doctor/patient relationship where you feel like we\’re both making decisions on your behalf. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our knowledgeable team and start taking care of your health today.

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