Colorado Primary Health Care Now Offers Virtual Doctor Visits

\"\"Colorado Primary Health Care is proud to offer a new service to their patients. Under select situations, patients who need an urgent consultation can now request a virtual visit with their primary care physician. Virtual visits offer patients the continuity of care when they are not able to come to the office for a visit.

Circumstances like a snow storm, that may prevent patients from being able to come to the office is one of the examples where a virtual visit might be arranged. A virtual visit can also be arranged if patients have an urgent need and cannot get an appointment immediately. Colorado Primary will do our best to arrange a virtual visit under those circumstances as quickly as possible and fit patients into the schedule within an hour and a half or less.

Virtual visits do not replace an office visit for something that is an ongoing and a patient is being treated for, including attention deficit disorder, depression, anxiety, chronic headaches, asthma, cold sores or chronic joint pain. Anything that patients are on regular medications for, such as high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol are the more complicated things that involve a need for lab work and a physical exam in person.

Virtual visits are a convenience for simple situations and diagnoses and might be optimal for both the patient and the treating physician. These would be acute sudden onset problems and not things that need medication refills. The purpose of a virtual visit is not to just to check in with your primary care physician but for one quick problem that can be addressed.

Virtual visits are an option to consider and an alternate way to being able to visit with your primary care physician rather than going to an urgent care center.

Let Dr. Andy Fine help you from the comfort of your own home.

Click here to schedule a virtual visit with Dr. Andy Fine at Colorado Primary Health Care.

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