Chronic Knee Pain: Diagnosis and Treatment Plans Available with Colorado Primary Health Care

Are you experiencing knee pain, but have no idea what caused it? Do you know what caused the injury, but need help with recovery? Either way, Colorado Primary Health Care clinicians have the expertise to help get you on the road to recovery!

\"ChronicA common complaint exhibited by patients, especially as they age, is knee pain that lacks association with specific injury or trauma. Knee pain can surface on its own from a simple cause, such as overuse or medical conditions like arthritis. In other cases, knee pain may be stemmed from an injury such as a meniscal tear or an ACL tear.

In the past, surgical procedures were often seen as the sole form of treatment for knee pain and orthopedic injuries. With advancement in medical technology and treatment, especially with consideration of higher deductibles and co–pays, a proper primary care office can appropriately assess, diagnose, and treat knee pain, determining the severity of the injury and whether or not surgery is needed. The tests and x-rays needed to determine a proper treatment plan are not exclusive to orthopedic specialists, nor are they always necessary in eliminating chronic pain, as your primary care physician can evaluate the injury, and then decide if surgical treatment is necessary, saving both time and money. At Colorado Primary Health Care, we can determine if the ailment can be resolved with conservative treatment via physical therapy, medications, and injections.

When to See a Doctor

If your knee pain is affecting your quality of life multiple days a week and interferes with your sleep, concentration, and/or daily activities, it is time to visit your primary care clinician. Our focus lies in custom, conservative, and effective treatment plans, catered to the personal goals of our patients. Whether that entails strength training and stretching exercises, range of motion exercises, injections, or medications, we do our best to eliminate your chronic pain and need for surgery.

At Colorado Primary Health Care, we work to effectively and efficiently assess, diagnose, and treat persistent knee pain in patients. Many patients believe an immediate consultation with an orthopedist or a surgeon upon knee or orthopedic injury is the first step to recovery. However, the fact of the matter is we, your primary care physicians, can diagnose and treat injuries in–house, while also considering your overall medical history to provide a more well–rounded treatment plan all–the–while preventing the need to shell out hundreds of dollars for what may be unnecessary tests and procedures.

Over time, implementing conservative, non-surgical treatment with injections and/or physical therapy has proven to be effective in treating injuries, resolving pain, and improving overall quality of life. We urge you to come visit us, your primary care physicians and clinicians, as your first step to recovery. We know your history, lifestyle, and health goals, and in utilizing that information, can develop an all–encompassing, personalized treatment plan to get you back in action.

Visit Colorado Primary Health Care today and save yourself the specialist co-pay!


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