Chronic Back Pain Relief from your Colorado Primary Care Physician

Don\’t Let Your Back Pain Get the Best of You

\"ChronicExperiencing back pain? Visit your local Colorado Primary Care Physician today to determine a plan for relief.

Back pain is one of the most common complains of patients in visiting their primary care physician. Symptoms including back pain persisting greater than two weeks and/or shooting pain occurs down your leg or buttocks may or may not be an indicator of a complex injury. However, if pain becomes severe to the point of affecting your quality of life, sleep, mood, or work performance, seeking immediate medical attention from your primary care doctor is advised. Your primary care doctor is trained to assess and treat back pain, especially in determining the need and timeline of advanced imaging acquisition.

Seeking treatment from your primary care physician can eliminate the need for costly tests and unnecessary surgery.

Approximately 50% of people without back pain have abnormal MRIs, but this isn’t necessarily indicative of the need for invasive surgery or radical intervention. An MRI isn’t needed unless the judgment of the primary care physician deems it appropriate, as the MRI may reflect things unrelated to a patient’s symptoms. Unless accompanied by specific symptoms, conservative treatment via physical therapy, injections, time, and pain relievers can lead to recovery and a reduction in or complete relief of pain.

Often times, there is little initial justification for advanced imaging or surgery. Our primary care clinicians have the ability to help you there is little initial justification for advanced imaging or surgery. Our primary care clinicians have the ability to help you establish a personalized health care plan to get back in action pain–free, without unnecessary testing. Just like advanced imaging, the majority of surgeries performed on patients with back pain are unnecessary and could end up causing a patient even greater pain. Severe back pain is not always a one way road to surgery.

If back pain is affecting your daily life, save time, money, and yourself from unnecessary procedures by visiting our primary care clinicians at Colorado Primary Health Care.

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