Borderline Diabetes and Pre-Diabetic Symptoms and Treatment

\"BorderlineAt least 40 million people are living with a risky disease, and don’t even realize it.

Diabetes is the most under-diagnosed disease in the United States. With complications including potential for stroke, heart attack, memory loss, kidney failure, blindness, and more, the fact that disease exhibits no symptoms early on makes it one of the most dangerous in the nation.

Symptoms of adult-onset diabetes are relatively unrecognizable until the disease reaches the point at which your arteries begin to clog. This is caused by sugar build–up on artery walls, leading to plaque build–up and inflammation.

Symptoms aren’t dependent on weight, age, or other comparable variables, as it is determined by an objective lab measurement involving two tests: the three–month average of the patient’s blood sugar, as well as fasting blood sugar. A simple, one–time test can easily determine if you are pre-diabetic or borderline diabetic. If one’s blood sugar is over 100 fasting, then they are borderline diabetic, as normal blood sugar levels usually stay around 80. If a patient’s blood sugar is 125 fasting, they are diabetic by definition.

This disease can be treated and managed with a stealthy regimen of weight loss, diet, exercise, and the use of some medication. Even if a patient is pre-diabetic, it is advised to proceed with the aforementioned treatment regimen in order to prevent dangerous complications later on.

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