Beta-HCG for weight loss

This is being touted as a safe and effective way for you to lose weight and never get hungry using a hormone that is produced in women during pregnancy only. Buyer beware, as this is not only proven in studies to be not effective for weight loss long term in controlled studies by physicians, but also has an unsafe track record as far as potential side effects. Maybe ok, maybe not, but the do no harm principle still applies as our first obligation in medicine. We must not prescribe unproven or potentially unsafe, unstudied meds for anything until it is proven otherwise. This approach differs in different professions, yet medicine retains its credibility as the most respected of the professions because of it. While we should respect the patient in making risk/ benefit decisions with respect to treatment options, we should not recommend anything that has been shown to be harmful or unsafe, or which has not been proven in controlled medical trials to do so.Many opportunities abound to take advantage of patients wanting to be healthier, thinner, or live longer, or to get more wealthy for that matter, yet we must not do this if ethically it is not appropriate. Things can change, but for now there are more safety issues and efficacy issues than potential benefits with many touted weight loss meds sold at these clinics that charge you a fortune for suspicious products, including testosterone and growth hormone.

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