Avoid Jumping to Hip and Knee Replacements | Cutting Health Care Costs Part 2

Dr. Andy Fine explains, the United States does four to five times the number of hip and knee replacements than other countries for arthritis, despite most people being able to manage the pain with medication or physical therapy.

Some people are excellent candidates to have hip or knee replacements. Unfortunately for others, the procedure is so profitable, orthopedic doctors trained in doing them, want to do them on as many people as possible. They certainly help give pain relief but they are very expensive and carry their own risks.

[dt_quote type=\”pullquote\” layout=\”right\” font_size=\”h5\” size=\”3\”]Risks are present during any procedure, even if it\’s done by somebody that does them regularly.[/dt_quote]During any operation, a patient can have a stroke or heart attack during or after the anesthesia process. The anesthesia itself may cause short-term memory loss, occasionally long-term for some people. Whenever you undergo surgery with anesthesia, you could develop a wound/infection from the surgery itself or a blood clot in your leg can pass to your lung and kill you by causing a pulmonary embolism. There are a lot of complications that can happen with an infection, including amputation of the leg. The risks are present during any procedure, even if it\’s done by somebody that does them regularly.

\"\"Colorado Primary Health Care encourages people to do everything they can with non-invasive medical management. This may include: massage, physical therapy, yoga, tai chi, meditation, even cognitive behavioral therapy and psychotherapy for pain management. Patients can also try medication or injections for pain management before getting the replacement.

If our country could cut down cardiologist and hip/knee replacement costs, it would possibly cut our health care costs about 10-15% across the board. That would be substantial!

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