7 Ways to Treat Canker Sores

Canker sores can be a nuisance, and nobody wants to just live with them, but there’s also no need to go to the doctor for treatment of this minor condition. Here are 7 ways you can treat canker sores at home:

Salt or Baking Soda Rinse

Dissolve some salt or baking soda in warm water. Rinse your mouth with this several times a day. This won’t immediately heal it, but it will make it easier for your body to heal.

Milk of Magnesia and Antihistamine

Mixing together milk of magnesia and Benadryl or another antihistamine can relieve pain, neutralize the acidic environment that can aggravate canker sores, and coat the area.

Over-the-Counter Remedies

Don’t feel like playing alchemist today? There are over-the-counter remedies that are sold for canker sores and do basically the same thing, often with the addition of antibacterial agents.


There are specialized mouthwashes for canker sores as well as regular antiseptic mouthwashes for the prevention of oral decay. Talk to your dentist about which ones will work best for you.

Try Cayenne

The ingredient that makes pepper spicy, capsaicin, can also desensitize nerves and dull pain. Mix some in water and rinse your mouth with it. If you have a sore throat, gargling with it can help.

Ice the Sore

You can either apply ice to the sore or rinse your mouth with ice water to gain temporary relief.

Over-the-Counter Pain Medication

You can also get relief from pain with over-the-counter pain medication.

Preventing Canker Sores

Even more important than treating your current sores is to prevent the appearance of future ones. Pay attention to foods in your diet that may be triggering your canker sores. Make sure you’re getting good nutrition that can help your body fight these types of injuries.

And, above all, see your dentist regularly to maintain your oral health and have suspicious sores evaluated for cancer.

Your primary care physician can help you track down other possible causes of canker sores. If you are looking for a primary care physician in Littleton, please contact Dr. Andy Fine today for an appointment.

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