2017 Spring Testimonials Recap, Colorado Primary Health Care

\"2017At Colorado Primary Health Care, patient experience and success in treatment are top priorities. We value each and every piece of feedback we get. Check out some of our recent 2017 Spring patient testimonials, below!

\”I saw Shauna today, as I have many times in the past, and let me tell you, there is a GREAT reason that she books out at least a week! She always listens, uses logic, reason, AND medicine to address the issue that you came for, then gives you a thorough \”once over,\” to help avoid future issues. These folks are always courteous, polite, and exceedingly helpful. I admit, my travel schedule has made me a bit of a pain in the butt, and yet, EVERYONE ALWAYS treats me professionally, and with respect. If the matter is more serious, they will even OCCASIONALLY \”work you in,\” which typically equates to high-end, expensive, so-called \”concierge\” practices… and they do all of this, while ACCEPTING Medicaid!! Excellent job, and THANK YOU Shauna, Dr. Fine, and the ENTIRE TEAM please keep it up!\”

—Mark D.

\”I really like Abbey Horton a lot. She is extremely knowledgeable and she seems to really think outside the box. I like that she provides a lot of different options and seems to have a balanced view of pharmaceuticals and holistic health. Abbey is also very good at explaining with detail and clarity. She is easy to understand and like I said, very knowledgeable! I am impressed with Abbey and trust her opinions and advice. Abbey is a breath of fresh air and honestly, in my opinion, the best health care professional that I\’ve seen in a LONG time!\”
—Patti K.

\”I had never gone to this clinic before, and I was very impressed. Ms. Horton was very professional, very caring, and actually interested in what I had to say.\”
—Aaron C.

\”Shauna McWilliams was very friendly and did her best to help even though it turned out she wasn\’t the kind of practitioner I was expecting! I would definitely recommend her if you are looking for a general practitioner.\”
—Verified Patient

\”Shauna McWilliams is the best! Very concerned about your problems and makes you feel very comfortable!\”

—Ashley C.

\”Very professional. They listened and literally took notes of my concerns. I will stay with this doctor as long as I possibly can.\”

—Michael M.

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